Door closing force measurement device DC360N

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Electronic system for measuring and evaluating the closing force of railway, tram and bus doors.

According to the standards/regulations:

DIN EN 14752:2005, British Standard EN 14752, VDV 111, §35e StVZO, §29 StVZO, 2001/85/EG, TAF (Treno Alta Frequentazione), UNECE Regulation No. 107 and meets the requirements of UN/ECE 36 Annex: 6, American RAIL STANDARD APTA PR-M-S-18-10.

  • Measuring range 30N to 360N
  • Accuracy ± 3 % in the range 50N to 360N
  • Robust hand-held computer Psion Workabout Pro with colour display, protection class IP 65 – can withstand 26 falls onto smooth concrete surfaces from 1,5 meters
  • Allows input of tester name, job number, vehicle number, vehicle running performance (mileage), notes, signature (touchscreen), number of doors, door name and door type with the corresponding limit values
  • Reviews peak force and effective force: acoustic and optical signal triggered if measurement exceeds limit value
  • data transfer in Pdf, Excel or Mdb format
  • Measured data are displayed in detailed diagrams for study and analysis with the HGE-Viewer Software
  • Special measurement for doors with repeating closing process and temporary force impulse at the beginning of closing process
  • Handheld can be used combined with Wheel-Profile gauge
  • Measuring process can be interrupted and be restarted later
  • Flexible time and work organization
  • Memory for 1000 vehicle measurements
  • Measurement log to be viewed on handheld or PC
  • Simple and fast data transfer from handheld to PC

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