Refurbishment / component recovery for sustainable product cycles

HGE GmbH sees itself as an innovative and reliable partner of the industry. Our customers are companies that face the current challenges in terms of development and material procurement through sustainable product cycles. We support them in this process and offer our partners customized solutions in the medical technology sector.

Our focus:
The recovery of high-quality components from defective devices (contaminated) in the medical technology sector

HGE GmbH specializes in recovering components of high-quality medical technology devices from the hospital sector, taking into account all necessary safety and hygiene standards, for the product cycles of our customers. We offer comprehensive cleaning and testing standards in this area, which can be expanded at any time to include customer-specific requirements. Our standard process includes:


The defective thermolabile equipment/products are professionally sterilized in the first step using ethylene oxide and temperature in a gas over/under pressure process.


In the second step of the process, the sterilized devices are carefully disassembled/dismantled by our trained staff according to instructions (taking into account ESD specifications).


The recovered components are cleaned by hand, visually inspected, then tested for function and packaged.

Our customers have the choice: Would they like to recover individual, high-quality components of their equipment back for new equipment? Or do you want a complete recovery/repair of the equipment? Would you like to use or test new device components? We will gladly take over the technical failure analysis of the defective components for you as well as the disposal of defective old components. What are the advantages for your company?

Welche Vorteile ergeben sich für Ihr Unternehmen?
  • Component recovery in times of supply bottlenecks for new parts
  • Cost savings through the use of these recovered components
  • Product cycles become more sustainable due to higher recycled content
  • Individual component groups can be renewed or replaced without problems exchanged
  • Creation of a detailed fault log for easy evaluation Evaluation of failure-prone components/component groups possible
  • Cost-effective testing of new device components possible
  • Outsourced collection point of defective devices

Our presented offer does not yet cover your needs? No problem. We are flexible and offer you the support you need. support. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.