Temperature probe according to DIN EN 60335-2-6

Temperature sensor, manufactured according to the standard DIN EN 60335-2-6

According to the standards/regulations:

DIN EN 60335-2-6

The temperature probe, manufactured according to the standard DIN EN 60335-2-6 consists of a pom-plastic manufactured handle assembly with a built-in spring to achieve a contact force of 4 ± 1 N. The contact force is achieved when the handle is in contact with the surface. This is achieved when the handle is pressed into the green marked area. The thermocouple wires are guided in a polycarbonate tube. At the front end is the thermocouple, which is used for temperature measurement. At the rear end there is a connector over which the electrical conductors are connected.

  • Thermocouple: thermocouple material type K (NiCr/NiAl) or type J (Fe/CuNi), tolerance class 2, according to DIN EN 60 584-2, wires solid, diameter type K = 0.3 mm or, type J = 0.2 mm
  • Insulation glass silk/glass silk
  • copper disc (diameter 5 mm; thickness 0.5 mm)
  • Housing with handle: diameter: 25 mm, total length: approx. 300 mm


  • 1 temperature probe
  • plug connection
  • Calibration protocol for contact force

The sensor is also available without thermocouple. Other thermocouples can be installed on request.

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